July 2011
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Starting assets (June 30, 2011): $656.4 billion
+ net sales: $0.4 billion
+/- estimated market effect: -$7.3 billion (-1.1%)
= Ending assets (July 31, 2011): $649.5 billion (1.1% decrease)

 Asset Growth ($) Canadian Money Market: $5.186 billion Global Neutral Balanced: -$5.913 billion
Canadian Fixed Income: $4.060 billion Global Equity Balanced: -$5.189 billion
Global Small/Mid Cap Equity: $2.736 billion Global Equity: -$3.567 billion
 Asset Growth
 (as a % of starting assets)
Global Small/Mid Cap Equity: 68.7% Cdn. Long Term Fixed Income: -19.7%
Miscellaneous – Other: 34.9% Global Fixed Income Balanced: -18.3%
Alternative Strategies: 25.3% Global Equity Balanced: -18.2%
 Net Sales ($) Cdn. Fixed Income Balanced: $540 million Canadian Focused Equity: -$333 million
Global Neutral Balanced: $411 million Global Equity: -$275 million
International Equity: $383 million Canadian Equity Balanced: -$244 million

 Net Sales
 (as a % of starting assets)

Alternative Strategies: 25.3% Cdn. Long Term Fixed Income: -22.9%
International Equity: 3.3% Global Small/Mid Cap Equity: -2.0%
Global Fixed Income Balanced: 2.8% Financial Services Equity: -1.7%
 (Fund category averages)
Cdn. Inflation Protected Fixed Income: 4.1% Financial Services Equity: -5.3%
Cdn. Long Term Fixed Income: 3.8% U.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity: -4.6%
Precious Metals Equity: 3.7% European Equity: -3.8%

According to a Pollara study conducted for IFIC, mutual funds now rival primary residences as the investments in which Canadian investors have the greatest confidence. When asked to rate their level of confidence in mutual funds' ability to meet their financial goals, 78 per cent of investors gave a score of 5 or higher (on a 10-point scale).

Source: IFIC except for Performance where the source is Fundata.


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